RUS LLC / ip are Scammers offering hosting services is a scamming, dishonest company. Never bring your servers to them and don't place them with their colo hosting. They will never give the servers back to you. Here is my story. In June 2006, I ordered a server from HQHost priced at $5,000 (I have a full configuration). Then, from this company I moved the server to LLC and collocated it with them. I paid for it regularly, just as I did for my other servers, which is proved by my bank statement. In a year, in June 2007, I made up my mind to move the server to another company which offered better conditions. 2 months beforehand I notified LLC that I was about to move. I was moved to their temporary facility and wrote FDC Servers that they have to move my server elsewhere (transfer cost paid by me, of course). At first, they responded with something indistinct, like, 'we will see where your server is' etc. Then, they stopped responding at all. My attempts to contact them on their message board resulted in me being banned. I spent a year and a half trying to reach them, and all in vain. So, I write here to warn people who host with them, or a going to, that this company are scammers. I'm ready to discuss possible solutions by email with those who can offer any options concerning getting the server back. email: nu[at] If LLC accepts its fault and wants to settle the situation, I can be reached by email: nu[at]

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